Fifty Feminist States is a roadtripping, storytelling podcast featuring feminist activists and artists from all fifty US states.

Each episode focuses on a single state, featuring the work of one or more activists and/or artists there to explore a local issue from the lens of gender justice and queer liberation.


The podcast is hosted by Amelia Hruby, a writer, podcaster and academic living in Chicago. She travels to hear these stories and produces each episode herself.

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The podcast has been funded with the support of over 150 Kickstarter backers who’ve raised over $13,000 to bring it to life.

All of that money has been used to pay for equipment, travel, hosting, and marketing costs. You can pledge your support by making a donation via PayPal today.

Fifty Feminist States is adamantly intersectional, trans-inclusive, anti-racist, queer-friendly and class conscious. The podcast supports Palestinian liberation, the decriminalization of sex work, indigenous rights, Black Lives Matter, prison abolition, reproductive justice, reparations, LGBTQIA+ communities, and all those who struggle against patriarchal oppression.