Episode 20, part 1 - Tennessee

Episode 20, part 1 - Tennessee


Supporting and empowering Trans Women of Color to live their best lives in Memphis, TN.

In the first of two episodes from Memphis, TN, Amelia speaks to Jasmine Tasaki, the founder and executive director of WeCareTN, a non-profit organization that works to support and empower Trans Women of Color through job-readiness programs, direct financial support, and a variety of mutual aid programs founded on healing justice principles. Tune in to learn about Jasmine’s life and work, as well as the community that has supported and uplifted her.


WeCareTN on their website and Facebook

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Links from the episode:

Aimee Stephen’s essay in Out Magazine

Lucy Diavolo’s article in Teen Vogue

HRC’s report on violence against the trans community in 2019

The open letter to HRC from Trans community leaders

National Urban League Young Professionals and their Memphis chapter

TAKE (founded by Daroneshia Duncan who is now the Executive Director of Trans United)

Miss Major and her monthly fundraising circle

Jasmine on the Focus magazine cover and her feature inside the Jan/Feb 2018 issue

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